Monday, May 19, 2008

May Update

30 Minute completed and submitted:
This is a huge week for progress on the documentary. Over the last
week or so, Brandon and I have been working hard to complete a fine
cut of the 30 version of the documentary. I am glad to say that we
have completed the first full version of the project and have met the
American Anthropological Association's deadline of May 15. Our goal
for next week is to polish the fine cut into the final cut.

New DVD:
While working hard to get the project out of the door a few new things
came out of it. I have authored a new DVD for the project that has a
more enhanced menu and I have put together a new design for the DVD label

Animated Maps and Credits:
Our art director, Dan Diehl had enlisted the help of fellow artist,
Bryan Hendrix, to create some very high end animated maps for the
history section of the film. Dan is also working on some new scrolling
credits for us.

Musical Score
Harishakar Thapa & Harris Bierhoff cranked out almost a dozen
separate scoring tracks over the last 2 weeks for the project. They
were able to create several versions of each track to accommodate my
editing needs.

Emory in the World magazine has posted Brandon's article titled "After
War, Child Soldiers Fight a New Battle on their website. If you
haven't read it already it is worth a look:

Also check out the Robert Koenig profile page on LinkedIn:

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